Environmental Remediation – Chicago (IL Medical District)

RW Collins completed a four-month long environmental remediation and excavation project on an entire city block in the Illinois Medical District. The previously overgrown and uninhabited site is now ready for redevelopment as a neighborhood retail space.

At the start of the project, RW Collins completed onsite demolition and crushing of approximately 5,000 cubic yards of concrete.  This concrete was processed into aggregate and used as backfill material onsite. This recycling process eliminated the need for on-highway trucking, thus reducing environmental impact.

Following the concrete demolition, we prepared the site for environmental remediation by installing erosion control, haul roads, and decontamination zones.

We excavated and disposed of 10,000 tons of non-hazardous soil, 1,200 tons of Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) hazardous soil, and successfully completed the in-situ treatment of approximately 1,500 tons of hazardous soil.

Additionally, we excavated 15 underground tanks from the site, from which we pumped, hauled and disposed of 60,000 gallons of contaminated liquid.

Following remediation activities at the site, we prepared the site for redevelopment. This phase of the project consisted of excavation and backfill for various building pads and included preparation for roadways, curbs, and landscaped areas. We also excavated and backfilled for a new storm trap water-collection system.

Ready for redevelopment, RW Collins successfully turned this property over to the general contractor last week.

Project Facts:

  • Four-month-long project
  • 5,000 cubic yards of concrete demolished, crushed onsite, and recycled onsite for re-use as backfill material
  • 10,000 tons of non-hazardous soil excavated, transported, and disposed of at licensed subtitle D landfill
  • 1,200 tons of TSCA hazardous soil excavated, transported, and disposed of at licensed subtitle C landfill
  • In-situ treatment of 1,500 tons of hazardous soil rendered non-hazardous after treatment
  • 15 underground tanks excavated
  • 60,000 gallons of contaminated liquid pumped, hauled, and disposed of from tanks
  • Project was completed on-schedule, safely without incident, and under budget
Contaminated Soil Removal
Contaminated Soil Removal