MGP Site Remediation — Ohio

Site remediation at a former MGP site in southern Ohio. Site was in close proximity to the Ohio River and an underground cavern used for natural gas storage.

Remediation Tasks:

  • Excavation of various areas of the site including coal tar impacted soils
  • Disposal of all excavated materials
  • Backfill excavated areas

Other Tasks:

  • Implemented erosion and storm water control measures
  • Supported installation of a soldier beam and lagging earth retention system
  • Excavation de-watering
  • Application of odor control measures
  • Restoration of the work area

Project Facts

  • 230-day project
  • Excavation to a depth of 40 feet
  • 130,000 tons of excavation and disposal; replaced with gravel backfill

MGP Site Remediation — Ohio