UST Abandonment In Place – Chicago (Gold Coast)

Our underground tank experts cleaned and filled two buried oil tanks with slurry mix as part of a historic building restoration. The apartment building, located in Chicago's Gold Coast, was marked as a historic Chicago landmark and is being restored through a variety of environmental remediation projects. RW Collins was contracted to fill two oil tanks, located in a confined courtyard, for abandonment.

Prior to the start of this project we obtained a permit and scheduled inspection with the Chicago Department of Public Health. Our crews then safely removed all remaining oil in the tanks, performed a permitted confined space entry, and used the services of a concrete pumper truck to transfer slurry mix into the tanks. All debris in the access area was cleaned upon completion of our work.

In a situation where USTs are buried in a confined location and near building foundations, often the best course of action is to safely fill the tanks with a non-hazardous slurry mix for permanent abandonment. Check out some more project photos below.

Project facts

  • Two day project
  • Abandonment in place of (1) 3,000 gallon & (1) 300 gallon oil tank
  • Oil pumped from tanks and filled with slurry mix
Abandonment In Place
Abandonment In Place