UST Removal – Chicago (Logan Square)

This UST removal project took place in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. RW Collins was contracted for the removal of 10 underground tanks ranging in size from 550 gallons to 5,000 gallons. The job site was an entire city-block that is undergoing redevelopment by a real estate company.

Project Facts

  • This block was previously uninhabited and undergoing demolition prior to redevelopment.
  • RW Collins excavated 10 USTs that had not been in use since before 1974.

Project Tasks

  • Excavation and removal of (1) 5,000, (1) 2,000, (3) 1,000, and (5) 550 gallon underground tanks.
  • All tanks were cleaned and material was properly disposed of prior to removal.
  • Tanks and non-hazardous material were disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • All excavations were back-filled with clean soil after tank removal.

This project was completed safely without incident and on schedule.