UST Removal — Illinois

This UST removal project entailed the removal of storage tanks from the largest commercial UST facility in Illinois. The underground and above-ground storage tanks were located on a major petroleum company’s research center. RW Collins successfully removed 82 tanks over the course of three months with zero accidents or safety incidents.

Project Tasks:

  • Cleaned and removed 82 tanks ranging in size from 1,000 to 25,000 gallons
  • Cleaned and demolished a large fuel loading rack with several above ground storage tanks and multiple pipe runs
  • Demolition of a two-story blending and fuel test building
  • Demolition of a two-story automotive fuel performance building
  • Building abated and demolished to grade
  • Site backfilled

Project Facts

  • 3-month project
  • Assembled a team of abatement, demolition, excavation and tank/pipe decommissioning experts
  • Streamlined logistics allowed multiple phases of the project to be completed simultaneously
  • Project was completed safely with no accident or injuries
UST Removal
UST Removal
UST Removal
UST Removal UST Removal UST Removal