Abandonment In Place

Tank Abandonment In Place

In certain circumstances, it is not possible to remove underground oil storage tanks. Obstacles can include proximity to building foundations, other tanks, or a variety of other structural obstacles. If these circumstances prevent a tank removal, we perform abandonment in-place using the following procedures:

  • Prepare a certificate of site condition to submit for permit
  • Enter and clean the UST using confined space entry procedures
  • Fill the UST with inert material in accordance with all laws and regulations
  • Restore the surface if necessary
  • Provide a notarized certificate of abandonment and file with appropriate agencies

RW Collins Co. is licensed by the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin to perform tank abandonment.

We have completed hundreds of abandonment in place projects from service stations, commercial properties, airports, schools, hospitals, trucking company terminals, industrial facilities, and residential properties.

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Case Studies

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